No matter how brilliant you are, if you are playing a solo game, you will always lose out to a team.

About Us


Lance Miller - CEO, The Infinite Plexus

Lance Miller

Lance Miller is the current CEO of The Infinite Boost.  He has a vision for this company to become substantial and diverse. We have experienced triple digit growth quarter after quarter, with a guiding philosophy that we only create partnerships where everyone involved wins. In order to have real success we must also incorporate a component that allows others to have success as well.

Lance has built businesses in the technology, retail and e-commerce industries since 1991 and has worked with and for startups, multi-billion dollar global organizations and everything in between.  As a successful entrepreneur and a lifelong student of business, Lance has dedicated the past 12 years to helping those who have existing companies that are struggling. Through his leadership he has taught countless business owners how to properly manage, grow, franchise and even sell their companies.

Everything begins for us with our vision. “A leader must be able to visualize each and every aspect of their company in its current and future form. Visualize what your leadership is like, your management team is like and each and every employee. Perhaps most importantly visualize what your customers experience is like. After you have documented everything you have your road map. Next… Take Massive Action!

Ironically, in a changing world, playing it safe is one of the riskiest things you can do. ~Reid Hoffman

Wayne Cowley - COO, The Infinite Plexus

Wayne Cowley, COO The Infinite Boost Inc.

Wayne Cowley is the Chief Operating Officer of TIB and focuses most of his energy on service and operational leadership. Wayne guarantees our second to none customer service promise and works with his team to develop future talent and leaders as TIB continues to grow.

Wayne carries with him a great deal of knowledge and experience as a result of decades spent supporting and guiding the growth of multiple companies from startup to $50 million per year in revenue.   With a foundation and mind towards service Wayne has all the qualifications of an IT Director and a talent for automating service and support processes.  Under his leadership his teams have delivered sustainable growth and incredible profits.

Having a great idea for a product is important, but having a great idea for product distribution is even more important.